Bamboo blinds add a classy and casual detail to any interior or exterior area. In addition to having great insulation properties, our blinds allow you to have complete control of your privacy and the amount of light that gets inside.

Rest assured that our Blinds are manufactured using premium quality materials that are long-lasting and environmentally friendly.


  1. Ease of cleaning (Senang dicuci)
    Compared to the drudgery of wiping down each slat in Venetian style blinds, the bamboo chick blind can be quickly dusted or wiped in a single motion.Versatility (Cantik dan Elegan)
  2. Bamboo blinds enhance natural materials and add a retro feel to any furnishing style. We offer a range of styles and colours – bamboo chick blinds can also be matched with drapes and painted or varnished to suit your colour scheme.
  3. Bamboo Durability (Tahan lama)
    Bamboo is durable, with a high tensile strength. The flexible nature of bamboo blinds allows an easy fit on your indoor or outdoor windows.


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